“The purpose of selling is to meet a customer's need, that of marketing is to understand that need!”


Philip Kotler



Although marketing is often a dedicated service within a company, this
function is increasingly being outsourced.

At                    , we assist companies and brands in developing their product
strategy to position themselves in their market with a view to gaining visibility,
attracting new customers, building customer loyalty,
in a nutshell, developing their performance.

Our expertise is reflected in the implementation of strategies that are fully
driven by customer’s business stakes and of pragmatic communication
solutions that combine efficiency and consistency. It means carrying out 

up-front work on the brand and its market, aiming to consolidate its mission, to refine or define its values, and substantially, working on its brand contract.

This step, which is essential before any project is launched, will allow the  identification of the needs, preferences and emotional levers on which to build a solid communication strategy.

            .          approach is about defining, targeting, creating, planning and implementing.

Our marketing consulting approach is adapted to each client’s requirements. We consider the client’s objectives, market reality, competition and corporate culture to develop an approach that makes our services unique and tailor-made.

As a marketing agency, we help the company stand out from the competition with flexible and sustainable approaches that include:


  • Brand Positioning

  • Product Creation

  • Product / Service Offer

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Marketing Strategy & Planning

  • Operational Marketing